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A feeling for companionship and gathernes, the Musulin family passed down through generations.

The Musulin family

For interior and exterior design of an old family house, family Musulin takes credits with ideas and details editing the house with its story and soul. They wanted their guests feel the times from ancient times when a large family gathered by a fireplace at a family table making happy common moments and memories.

Feeling for gathernes and togetherness, family Musulin passed down through generations welcoming dear friends and family with music and happines. The interior satisfies todays needs of each individual combining ancient times with modern.  

The idea was born during renovation of an old rusty family house from which during 6oth years, like in other houses, population moved to the coastal fertile areas in the Neretva Valley in a search for a better life.

Family house had one room where lived 6 persons and was valid croatian phrase: “Where the family is not angry, the house is not cramped.”

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