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Only 3 km from Villa Danica is a place Vid, an archeological site with adjusted museum to exhibited, found artifacts. Across the museum, you can find a restaurant serving authentic domestic meals from Neretva valley like eel, frogs with top quality wines.

Please find below which nearby places are interesting to visit while on vacation:

Archaeological museum Narona- Vid

On a site where family Plecas had a barn, during 1995. and 1996., archaeological excavations were carried out which resulted with a sensational remains finding of a Roman temple – Augusteum and 17 marble sculptures of supernatural and natural height. This finding encouraged the idea of a united presentation of this unique archaeological site, joining architectural remains and other numerous archaeological materials.
Every year in July, traditionaly is held Roman night. The event is conceived as a one-day ancient festival that seeks to evoke the spirit of Narona and the life of the ancient Romans.

Photo safari

Excursions with an old Neretva boat- lađa through the swamp, an uncut gem of the southern part of Croatia.

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In 1979, the monumental walls, 1940 meters long, 25 meters high and located at the foot of the hill Srđ, included Dubrovnik, one of the most visited cities on the Adriatic, on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Dubrovnik is well known for its Stradun, the main and oldest street in Dubrovnik, promenade of historical figures, today members of royal families, famous actors, singers, athletes and many others. So why wouldn᾿t you visit it and enjoy as a celebrity?!

Neretva Delta

The place where Adriatic sea meets Neretva river, the only delta in the Croatia. As many people calls it, this place turned into real little „Croatian California“ thanks to its long sand beaches, facilities you can enjoy like kiting, also ideal wheater conditions, but the most specific unforgettable sunsets.

Sandy beach is a popular destination for local population during summer, but for the last years become more popular among tourists as well. Thanks to the shallow water and thick pine forest next to the beach, it is a favorite choice for families with a small children.


This bridge, as well as the Old town, is under UNESCO protection and very often mentioned as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. The shape itself has also its own story, it represents a life. The bridge represents one half of the circle while its reflection in the water represents other half. The whole image represents life. Also, the bridge is a stage for young men who jump from the bridge into Neretva, trying to prove their courage in a some kind of maturity exam. Jumping tradition is 451 years old.


If you want to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible in a short time, this wish will come true in Central Dalmatia and the Split-Dalmatia County.

Within only thirty kilometers of this tourist region, one of the leading in the Republic of Croatia, occasional travelers are waiting Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the largest city in Central Dalmatia, the old city on the island of Hvar and the historic center of Trogir.


Once a small and poor village in central Herzegovina, has become a popular destination for Roman Catholic pilgrims seeking peace, comfort and a place to pray.

There are many holy places in the world. Medjugorje is one of the most famous among them. This place is filled with peace and quiet, where every person feels the influence of this peace that accompanies him further through life.

Every year this city is visited by about a million believers from all over the world. The first apparition of the Virgin Mary took place in 1981 in front of six children,
and after that numerous apparitions to the seers followed and continue to this day.

Canoe Safari

Trebizat is a river in Herzegovina, long from its source in Peć-Mlini to its delta in the Neretva in Struga, total 51 km. It is the only submerged river in Europe that disappears into the ground 9 times and re-emerges. At the beginning of the excursion route, the river is quiet and peaceful, and later, as it approaches the delta, it becomes faster and more exciting.

The water temperature in the summer months is around 20 ° C, making it excellent even for those sensitive to temperature differences. The age limit for participants is almost non-existent, so this type of trip is excellent for those in full force who wants adrenaline, as well as those who wants complete relaxation and identification with nature. During the trip you will see many fish and birds of different species as well as beautiful travertine waterfalls, and the perfect harmony of the river and the untouched nature that surrounds it.

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Baćina Lakes

A group of seven lakes, located just a few minutes drive from the town of Ploce. Once a very popular tourist destination, Bacina Lakes are today a place where you can find true peace, away from the crowded beaches in the heart of nature. Kayaking on Bacina Lakes is one of the most popular adventure trips in the Neretva Valley. Kayaking takes place in the beautiful nature of the unique and beautiful Bacina Lakes, which justifies the name of the tour Oasis of Peace.

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Restaurant Đuđa i Mate

In the oasis of lush greenery and blue Norin, in the central square of the ancient Roman city of Narona, there is a restaurant that combines indigenous, local Neretva meals with modern gastronomic delights.

It attracts guests with a sumptuous offer of dishes and top quality wines, among which dishes of eels, frogs and coots stand out. They offer fresh fish every day, while for gourmets, sacura and brudet will be prepared. 

Excellent hosts will offer you a boat ride, on lada you can board from the terrace of the restaurant and enjoy all the senses by drinking top quality wine or an aperitif while serving the appetizer and exploring the green oasis by boat.

Tavern Vrilo

Family konoba Vrilo, located on a source of Norin river, is only a few minutes drive from Metkovic and Vid. The interior is decorated in indigenous dalmatian tavern style, decorated with boats and fishing pots. It attracts visitors throught the year with Neretva specialties, like frogs and eels.

For the appetizer, they recommend stewed frogs in onion, so delicious that guests pick all the sauce from a tray with homemade bread baked under the lid.


Amateur sports competition in boat racing with traditional indigenous boats in the river Neretva valley. It is held once a year, traditionally the second Saturday in August, on a 22.500 meter long route. Over 400 rowers participates in the race that rows along the Neretva River and its tributaries on the stretch from Metković to Ploče. Over the years, the boat marathon has become the largest maritime sports event in this part of Europe and attracts an increasing number of rowers and viewers from year to year.


Kravica Waterfall is a favorite resort and summer beach in Herzegovina. The river Trebizat falls from a height of 28 meters, creating a beautiful natural amphitheater 120 meters wide. This natural show attracts many nature lovers for years, and in the summer months it offers rest and fun for all swimming and activities on the river lovers.

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